Fish and Chips

Are these pictures making you feel peckish? Fish Tank can provide anything from a quick snack to a dinner, bbq or function to cater for your needs. You will be happy in the knowledge that all our fish and chips are cooked in 100% cholesterol free canola oil that is changed regularly. Our chips are hand-cut from potatoes and available to eat with your choice of tartare, aioli, sweet chilli, tomato, cocktail or chilli sauce. Yum!

If you are feeling health conscious with the coming of summer you might want to opt for a healthy alternative of baked or grilled fish with your choice of scrumptious salad. Check out our health attack pack for a meal at the beach or in our restaurant.

Perhaps you would like a wine or beer with your meal? Fish Tank offers you a selection of beverages including local and imported beer, wine, spirits, juices and sparkling water.