We Love Quality

Fish Tank takes its name because all of our seafood is sourced locally and kept fresh. We only buy long line caught fish that is mainly local or from New Zealand because we believe this minimises bruising. It is delivered daily to Fish Tank to ensure that freshness is guaranteed. Fish is cut on site continuously throughout the day so that portions look and taste great. We are happy to clean whole fish ready for you to bbq or cook at home.

When buying fish and seafood for yourself, family and friends it is essential to check the absence of smell, firm flesh and eye clarity of fish. Fish Tank takes pride in making sure that all its produce meet the highest standards in order for you to gain maximum taste and health benefits. Rich in omega 3, zinc and essential oils, seafood is necessary for muscle growth, brain development and can help prevent arthritis.

Ask our friendly and knowledgable staff about how best to cook each type of fish and suitable menus. Fish Tank also offers you a wide range of salads alongside chips to complement your meal. We want to help you cook a simple meal or perhaps an impressive meal for the budding master chef.